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Data For The Common Good…Made Actionable.

Colorado Data Engine is an open source hub that unlocks neighborhood scale public data in a standardized, geolocated format. You can download data sets, upload your own data, and create your own applications for the common good. By bringing together various public information sources for the first time in one, convenient on-line location, Data Engine puts the power of information to work for those who can advance change.

The Vision

Data Engine is Powerfully Simple

Data has the power to revolutionize the way we see community. It has the power to unite disparate parties around common metrics for improving our communities and to foster greater understanding. Data can reveal hidden truths, identify critical patterns and drive powerful insights and decisions that shape the quality of life we want in our communities. But if you can’t access it, it’s useless. Truth is, public information is too often inaccessible for people who need it. We believe that by making data more accessible and providing the tools to make it more meaningful and actionable, more people become informed, engaged and empowered to address the issues that shape the quality of our communities and our lives. Accessible information advances understanding, fosters collaboration, creates transparency and ultimately become a driving tool for positive change.

Our Partners

Developed By Folks Who Know The Power of Data to Drive Change

The Data Engine is a collaborative effort of funders, data experts, journalists and technology experts each with firsthand knowledge of the impact data can have when leveraged as a tool to build understanding and direct action. Through the use of a free, open source platform, Data Engine unleashes the power of public data to advance positive community change by putting data in the hands of people who can affect change.

The Knight Foundation

Knight Foundation supports transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance media innovation, engage communities and foster the arts. The foundation believes that democracy thrives when people and communities are informed and engaged. For more, visit

The Denver Foundation

Founded in 1925, The Denver Foundation is a community foundation serving Metro Denver, with the mission of inspiring people and mobilizing resources to strengthen the community. The Denver Foundation three primary functions: stewarding an endowment to invest in meeting current and future needs for the community; managing more than 900 charitable funds for individuals, families and businesses; and working with the community and philanthropic leaders to address the core challenges that face Metro Denver. For more, visit

The Piton Foundation

The Piton Foundation is a private, operating foundation established in 1976 by Denver oil man Sam Gary. The foundation provides opportunities for families and children in Denver to move from poverty and dependence to self-reliance. For more, visit

Shift Research Lab

The Piton Foundation's Shift Research Lab, formerly known as the Data Initiative, transforms neighborhood-level data into actionable information that improves the social sector's ability to serve Colorado's low-income communities. For more, visit


I-News produces in-depth journalism that no other newsroom in the state can do. A nonprofit news service, I-News collaborates with the most respected news outlets in Colorado to deliver high-impact journalism to millions of Coloradans. Together, they’re filling the void in serious public-interest journalism, and bringing more in-depth news to the places you already look for your news: Your newspaper, radio, television, computer and digital device. For more, visit